Get a puppy or a kitten for Christmas, or no?

Most people try hard to come up with the perfect Christmas gift for children.  It's a HUGE decision for THE gift of the year!  So things to consider when deciding to take the plunge on that adorable puppy or kitten you saw online or in the pet store...

1.  They are like babies!  Eating, drinking, peeing and pooping all the time :)  So if you are prepared for that on to #2

2.  Even if you adopt or find one for "free" it's gonna cost you.  Average healthy pet care is about $42 month.  If they get sick or have an accident or need to go to an emergency hospital, then add to that.  Can you fit that in your budget??  Ok on to # 3

3.  TRAINING, ughhhh, they are chewing up your house!!  Not listening, jumping on your guests, and the list goes on.  Now granted some pets have that perfect please you disposition and you will easily train them up the way you need them to be but some are stubborn and take more effort.  

4. They take TIME.  If you work 10 hours a day that is probably not going to work out for the little one and their necessary potty breaks, training and bonding.

Are you willing??  Will you give up?  That's why the shelters are full and rescue groups can't take on anymore pets.  People give up on them.  Now don't get me wrong adding a puppy or kitten to your family is a great thing.  if you are ready, know the financial burden they take, have done your research on breed, temperament, etc.  Just please don't make a quick decision on this.  You are providing a home for 10-20 years potentially.  The pet deserves your best just like a child would.  If you are ready to add a family member to your home and have any questions let us know.  We would love to help assist you with your new baby!

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